Andy’s nearly there…

So, everyone is saying it – Andy Murray took Djokovic to the edge.  There will be a few things he will learn from Lendl and, as Ivan says, he’s still trying to get better.  And Rafa says he can be number 1 – but won’t be if any of the other three muskateers have their way! Clearly, this is an amazing period in men’s tennis – Murray’s up therewith the other three – in terms of performance if not slams.

Fed might be nearing hanging up his racket but when he turns it on no there is still no one with the same sublime ability. The problem he has is being able to perform at the level to beat the other three over a best of five match. Given the performance of the others and that he’s now in his 31st year his slam total is unlikely to get any higher.

Rafa and Novak may torture their bodies but the difference between them and Andy at the moment is that they sense the key moments and prioritise.  we saw it with Rafa at the end of last year – he may not yet have a tour finals title to his name but the Davis cup final was more important – plus despite having Fed’s number now on any surface outdoors, he’s not yet beaten him in a competitive match indoors.

The good thing for Andy is that Lendl took time to win his first slam, he got to French Open final in 81 where he lost to Borg, aged just 21, he was runner up three more times over the next three years before finally winning the French in 84, coming from two sets down against McEnroe. Sound familiar?

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