Adapt to win – Sir Alex Ferguson – Manchester United champions again


Well, as I’m on the train to Manchester, I thought I should write about the champions!  Manchester United have won their 20th top flight league title, 13 under Sir Alex Ferguson.  I’ve written about his approach in creating focus, listening to his team and the spirit he’s engendered at United, where there is a spirit of never knowing when they’re beaten.  However, for nearly 27 years he has managed the world’s greatest football club and has had to adapt to a game that has changed and to the challenges of fresh opponents.  It’s worth reading this on the BBC website:

Other teams have come and gone, buying success, as Blackburn (remember them?) did in the mid nineties and more recently Chelsea and Manchester City.  However, the focus at United has been on developing a set of principles that the team live by and maintaining the unity of the squad – anyone disrupting it tends not to last long.

Ferguson will be 72 this year – an example for those in the later years of their career, he’s continued to meet and address the challenges put in front of him.